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Writing technical reports and delivering oral presentations

Writing skills

It's a good idea to finish the last projects of each chapter (P_Ch1, P_Ch2_P_Ch3) using a word processor.

Do and discuss the project by hand using sheets of paper and then, only once it works, use a word processor following the indications below. Reporting is a cross-curricular skill to be learned here in CSD subject.

A word processor: This is a Microsoft Office Word template or skeleton that you may copy and adapt.


Fig. 1. Microsoft Office (commercial).


Fig. 2. Libre office (open source).

Most common features in a technical report:


Presentation skills

Let's organise a 10 minutes group presentation of a CSD project.  Presenting in English count up to 2 over 10 (20% of the final mark). In this way you are encouraged to practice using this language in engineering context.

This is an example of Power Point template for short presentations: Introduction, major diagrams, design process, conclusions. 


Fig. 3. Microsoft Power Point(commercial).


Fig. 4. Libre office impress (open source).

PREZI Fig. 5. Prezi (commercial)


1. Rubric chart to organize and grade oral presentations

2. Another material  that can help you on oral presentations.

3. Oral presentation resources from the EETAC library.  This an example of commercial software that can help you to organise and render the video:

Fig. 6. Camtasia (commercial).


Fig. 7. Openshot (free).


Other resources 

 - General guidelines on how to to organise and perform the 10 minutes group oral presentation of a course project (examples of oral presentations from previous CSD are still available in our (1), (2), etc.).