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Digital circuits and systems             (2A)                 6 ECTS - 150 h

Content: (Bachelor in Telematics Engineering / Bachelor in Telecommunication Systems [ A list of topics]

- Course guide: CAT, Comissió Acadèmica 23-07-2012; ES old; ENG old. Other previous preliminary documents:  pdf; doc Ver. 5, June 2010; Ver 4 , May 2010. Ver.3;  April 2010, doc;  Simplified sheet, December 2009, doc.

- Course presentation: A poster (June 2010), and a slides presentation (July 2010). A previous slides presentation (November 2009)

lattice Altera Xilinx
ispLEVER Classic / Diamond
Synplify Pro
(Lattice Edition)
Quartus II ISE
(Lattice Edition)
(Altera Edition)
MPLAB X                                                           XC
  Atmel  Atmel StudioAvr
  • Once you have completed all course requirements, you'll be able to design, following scientific methodology, basic digital circuits and systems like: a simple calculator, a traffic light controller, an alarm system, a real-time clock with timer, a roulette wheel game, a asynchronous serial transmitter and receiver, a heart rate meter, etc. You'll design such applications using state of the art commercial EDA tools for programmable logic devices (sPLD, CPLD, FPGA) and microcontrollers.

  • In addition, through all the course, you'll be encouraged to self-direct your learning, to cooperate with your team mates, to produce quality documentation for your projects, and to learn English.

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