Unit 4.1 Self-directed learning

-  So, as you already have guessed ... this is the idea:

1) We propose you to design an application and discuss some initial block diagrams and design ideas.

2) You learn by your own using online or downloaded resources from the Internet or books, at your own pace ....

3) Deadlines for submitting partial or final solutions requires you, as a cooperative group, organise your own study time.

4) Write, present and publish your work according to the quality procedures laid down in previous chapters.


... and yes, behind you are your instructors, ask them questions or ask them guidance in solving your design problems.... By the way, you have to learn to learn by yourself!


This is the future trend in engineering education ... so, better if you start practising it in this course for example.


 quadre This is a web that contains many useful resources and ideas on how to study. It contains study techniques that will help you to learn better:

Effective Study


 quadre And something about the ethical implications of the engineering: Comprar, tirar, comprar . Yes, this documentary makes you  think very much on the role you have to play once graduated.


  quadre Once graduated, you'll probable learn by yourself any knowledge you need or you are interested in. By using Internet you can keep yourself updated. There are plenty of webs like these ones:


Academic Earth

MIT Open Course Ware

Khan Academy


quadre MOOC - Massive Open Online Courses

Coursera                   edX   

Digital Systems


quadre More documents and references on learning

How people learn

How people learn

Future-Proof Your Education How do you prepare for uncertain career paths where technical (Presentations using Prezi)