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Laboratory Instruments for electronics and telecommunications

Electronics laboratory workbench


Fig. 1. EETAC. Power supply, function generator, multimeter, oscilloscope, frequency counter, and personal computer.


Logic analyser


Logic analyser

Fig. 2. 16802A 68-Channel Portable Logic Analyser. Keysight.


Device current waveform analyser

Fig. 3. CX3300. The dedicated Current Sensors measure from 100 pA level dynamic current up to 10 A with a maximum of 200 MHz bandwidth.  Keysight.


Precision Source/Measure Unit (SMU)


Fig. 4. B2912A. Precision Source/Measure Unit, 2 ch, 10 fA, 210 V, 3 A DC/10.5 A Pulse . Keysight.


Other instruments